Our Services

At Graduate Education, we aim to help current and prospective graduate students achieve their goal of earning a graduate degree. It is our mission to assist graduate students at every part of their journey by offering a wide range of services. We provide many services for Faculty and Staff on campus as well.

For Students

Academic Services

Advising: Graduate Education offers one-on-one advising sessions for graduate students via online or in-person formats. Advice ranges from questions regarding requirements outlined in the graduate catalog and chancellor's policy memorandum II-20, submitting forms, reading degree audits, formatting a thesis and dissertation, and many more inquiries.

Degree Audits: Graduate Education builds and reviews graduate degree audits. This includes identifying problems that may delay graduation and working with academic departments and students to clear possible issues.

Grad Track Pathway and Accelerated Programs: Graduate Education provides these opportunities for undergraduate S&T students to take courses for their future Master's program while finishing their bachelor's degree.

Student Grievances: Graduate Education provides support for students by helping them navigate through the grievance process if any issues arise during their studies.

Academic Dishonesty: Graduate Education handles cases of academic dishonesty. After an investigation is completed, a decision is made on whether the case can be moved to an informal or formal hearing.

Writing Services

Technical Editing Services: Graduate Education provides free technical editing services and writing resources to graduate students. Documents submitted for editing are checked for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other issues affecting the clarity of the document.

Thesis/Dissertation Format Review: Graduate Education reviews each thesis and dissertation to ensure the required formatting and specifications are fulfilled. Each thesis/dissertation is typically reviewed an average of 4-6 times before a final copy can be accepted.

Opportunities for Development

Presentations, Workshops, and Events: Graduate Education hosts a variety of presentation workshops, and events for graduate students, such as: Thesis/Dissertation Formatting Workshops, Graduate Student Poster Session, Spooky Fall Festival, Writing Workshops, and many more!

Travel Fund: The Graduate Student Travel Fund offers up to $500 to help graduate students afford travel costs when presenting their research at a scientific conference. Graduate Education reviews and approves applications and ensures students meet the proper eligibility requirements.

GTA Workshop and SPEAK Tests: Graduate Education plans and hosts the GTA workshop three times per year to provide cultural orientation to prospective GTA's. Graduate Education administers SPEAK testing for students that require additional English competency evaluation.

Let's Talk Series: Graduate Education hosts a variety of seminars to educate graduate students on specific topics such as requirements and deadlines for forms, degree audits, campus and academic resources, and student well being.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT): Three Minute Thesis is a program hosted by Graduate Education to help students prepare a three minute speech about their research to be presented to non-discipline specific judges. Graduate Education plans and hosts the event, including the preliminary, semi-final, and final rounds. The winner will become eligible to represent Missouri S&T at regional and national competitions.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program: Graduate Education informs and advises students of fellowship opportunities and submission guidelines. This includes hosting sessions where the necessary procedures and requirements to apply are reviewed, along with one-on-one workshops with students to review proposal drafts.

For Faculty and Staff

Council of Graduate Coordinators and Staff (CGCS) Meetings: Graduate Education maintains the CGCS list and listserv ensuring that the appropriate graduate staff and coordinators are included. Monthly meetings are held to give updates regarding changes to graduate student policies. Training is also provided to teach proper procedures to academic departments regarding graduate student programs and processes.

Graduate Council/Graduate Faculty Support: Graduate Education works closely with graduate faculty and council to provide administrative support. This includes organizing all meetings, awards, and membership and ad hoc committees associated with graduate education. This also includes maintaining the graduate faculty membership list and the graduate faculty/council website.

Graduate Certificates: Graduate Education oversees the creation/revision of graduate certificates. All new and revised paperwork is submitted to Graduate Education for review and processing.

Grad Track Pathway: Graduate Education assists academic departments in the creation and maintenance of their Grad Track Pathway programs. Admission and Course Approval forms for each student are submitted to Graduate Education for acceptance into the program.

Campus Community Training: Graduate Education provides training sessions on how to read degree audits and submit forms pertaining to graduate students.

Interdepartmental Collaboration: Graduate Education collaborates with other departments on campus to host professional and social events on campus.