Navigating Your Degree Program

Degree Requirements & Program Milestones

Welcome to our guide on graduate degree requirements and program milestones! Whether you're pursuing a master's or doctoral degree, this guide is designed to help you navigate the various stages of your academic journey with clarity and confidence.

Your Roadmap to Success

University-level degree requirements are standards recommended and set by the Graduate Faculty at Missouri S&T. These policies can be found in the Graduate Catalog and Chancellor's Policy Memo II-20.

Milestones are used to ensure the requirements in the Graduate Catalog and Chancellor's Policy Memo II-20 are being met. They are non-course requirements that are an integral part of your degree program and are crucial for monitoring satisfactory progress and ensuring the successful completion of your degree. Throughout your degree program, you will complete a set of milestones that mark significant progress towards your degree completion. From your plan of study to final defense, each milestone plays a crucial role in shaping your academic success and professional growth.

These pages focus on highlighting specific crucial requirements and policies but do not encompass all aspects. For further information, please review each publication using the links provided above.