Grad Track Pathway

Considering a master's degree and want to save time and money?

Grad Track Pathway might be the answer you've been looking for!

Some departments offer a Grad Track Pathway (GTP) to exceptional undergraduate students for early provisional admission to the master’s degree program. The pathway is defined by a set of graduate-level courses that apply towards the bachelor’s degree and then also towards the associated master’s degree.

To find out more information about a pathway you are interested in, take a look at our Grad Track Pathway Program Quick Reference Guide.

  • Admission and Standards
  • How to Apply
  • Programs with a Grad Track Pathway
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Admission and Standards

A student is eligible to apply to the pathway once the following criteria are met:

  • Must be active in a bachelor’s degree program (it is recommended students apply at least 30 days prior to completing the bachelor's degree).
  • Must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • Must have a 3.5 minimum GPA in the group of designated courses specified by the department.

If admitted, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 until they receive their bachelor’s degree. Students must receive grades of B or better in the graduate courses they enroll in as part of the pathway course sequence as indicated on the GTP Admission and Course Approval Form.

If all requirements are met, the approved shared credit courses may be listed on the Form 1 (Plan of Study) to be used to meet the master’s degree program requirements. ALL courses approved for shared credit on the GTP Admission and Course Approval form must meet requirements and be listed on the Form 1.

Students admitted into the GTP must formally apply for admission to the master’s program associated with the pathway. This requires submitting a formal application for admission so that the semester admit term for the master’s degree immediately follows the semester that the bachelor’s degree is awarded. In the admission application, the student will be able to indicate that they are currently enrolled as a Grad Track Pathway student. Individual departments may require additional documents such as unofficial copies of transcripts, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, or standardized test scores.

How to Apply

To apply to a Grad Track Pathway, you must submit the GTP Admission and Course Approval Form to your prospective department. Shared courses will be indicated on the form and must meet all requirements of the program to be used toward the master’s degree.

Programs with a Grad Track Pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grad Track Pathway and dual enrollment the same program?

No, GTP is an accelerated program that allows you to transfer designated coursework from your undergraduate degree to a future master’s program. Dual enrollment is a separate program that allows S&T undergraduates to earn credit toward their master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree by enrolling in both undergraduate and graduate credit courses concurrently. Credits earned are specifically allocated to satisfy the requirements of the undergraduate or graduate degree, and must be registered as such. Find more information on dual enrollment here.

Can I participate in both programs?

Yes, if you meet admission requirements for each program. Make sure to discuss your plans with your undergraduate and graduate advisor(s) to ensure your plan is appropriate.

I'm trying to enroll in a 6000-level course, but Joe'SS won't let me.

As an undergraduate student, you are still required to submit the Undergraduates Taking 6000 Level Course form to the Registrar's Office to be enrolled in a 6000-level course.

Can I make substitutions/edits/revisions to my shared credit courses listed on the GTP Admission and Course Approval form?

Yes, you can submit a revised GTP Admission and Course Approval form with all required signatures to Please be aware that only the shared credit courses listed on the last approved GTP Admission and Course Approval form will be allowed to be listed on the plan of study (Form 1) for the master's degree. If any course is not correct or does not meet requirements, no shared credit will be allowed.

Can I get a C in one of my shared credit courses, can I still use the other shared credit for master's program?

No. You must earn a B or better in all of your designated shared credit courses to use them toward your master's degree program. 

When applying for admission to the master’s program, what semester should I apply for?

You should submit a graduate application for the semester immediately following your undergraduate degree completion. For example, if you are graduating with your bachelor's degree in the spring, you should apply for admission to the master's degree program in fall. You can find the application here

Can I use my shared credit courses toward a graduate certificate?

Courses approved for shared credit may also be applied toward one or more graduate certificates in addition to the master’s degree. The GTP Admission and Course Approval form must include the name(s) of the intended certificate program(s) and specify which course(s) is being used toward the certificate (a course can only be used toward one certificate). The student must have already applied and been admitted to the intended master’s program before applying for admission to the graduate certificate program(s). The student must receive the master’s degree in order to also receive the graduate certificate(s) in the same or future semester/session.

Have more questions?

For more information about the program, please see the GTP Admissions and Standards. For program specific questions, contact your prospective department's designated GTP program director found on our GTP Program Quick Reference Guide.