Funding Opportunities

Major Funding Opportunities

Graduate education is committed to the success of our graduate students through financial support. In our commitment to your education, we have put together several major funding opportunities to help make your degree at S&T an excellent return on investment. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Search for External Opportunities

In addition to the major opportunities listed above, our office provides the Missouri S&T community with lists of external opportunities of fellowships, scholarships, and thesis/dissertation funding through PIVOT-RP (, which maintains the most comprehensive source of funding opportunities. 

Search criteria   The links above were created using an advanced funding search with the following criteria:

  1. Deadlines: One-month period specified in each link; Opportunities with undefined (e.g. continuous, anticipated) and periodic (e.g. every month) deadlines may be listed repeatedly in each link. Some opportunities with past preliminary deadlines (e.g. LOI, pre-proposal, etc.) may be still listed.
  2. Applicant/Institution Location: “United States”
  3. Activity Location: “United States”
  4. Funding Type: “Dissertation-Thesis Funding”, “Fellowships or Post-doctoral Awards”, and “Scholarships, Training or Bursaries”
  5. Applicant Type: “Academic Institute”, “Individuals-Graduate Student/Pre-doc”, “Individuals-Undergraduate Student”
  6. Funder Type: “Academic Institution”, “US Federal Government”, “Non-US National Government”, “State/Province/Local Government”, “Multinational Organization”, “Commercial/Private Sector”, “Professional Society/Association”, “Private Foundation/Non-Profit"

Refining your search   To tailor each list to your purpose, try one or more of the options below:

  1. To sort results by relevance, deadlines or amounts, etc., select “Sort by” near the top of the search results page.
  2. To refine results by the standard search criteria, select your preferred settings in the left panel of the search results page.
  3. To tailor results according to keyword(s), click “Refine Search” near the top of the search results page to go to the “Funding Advanced Search” page. Enter a Boolean keyword combination (e.g. [psychology OR cogni*] AND [Alzheim* OR dementia]) at the top of the page.
  4. To refine results according to advanced criteria, use the abovementioned “Funding Advance Search” page to modify other criteria besides those available on the left panel of the search results page.
  5. To create a completely new search, select “Advanced Search” near the top of the search results page and choose your own search criteria from the dropdown headings.

We recommend that you register as a PIVOT-RP user to save your searches, although you can search and view opportunities without registering. You can save your refined search in your PIVOT-RP account by clicking “Save Search” near the top of the search results page and return to it via “Saved Searches” under the main menu (Home icon). To learn more about PIVOT-RP, visit the website for sponsored programs at