Recruitment Visit Reimbursement Program

When your academic department invites prospective graduate students to campus, Graduate Education will help you reimburse up to $500 of the student's travel costs.

Recruitment of graduate students into the graduate programs is a pressing challenge which we all must address. Graduate Education, with support from the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation, introduces this Recruitment Visit Reimbursement Program in November 2022 to inspire faculty and academic departments to invite prospective students to visit campus. This reimbursement will be provided for visiting prospective students who are interested in the highest degree offered by the recruiting academic department. In 2022-2023, the program allows for a total of $20,000 of recruitment visit reimbursements, with each approved visit receiving up to $500 in reimbursement.

Please see the requirements below and reach out to Graduate Education at with any questions. 
For assistance with recruiting materials and campus visits, please contact Graduate Admissions at

Department Requirements

  • Academic department must:
    • officially request recruitment visit funds by completing this application form preferably two weeks prior to the visit. Graduate Education will be automatically notified.
    • provide brief justification (within the application form) of the reason this prospective student is being invited to campus and provide a faculty contact who initiated the invitation. 
    • work with the prospective student to coordinate all travel and aspects of the visit. 
    • plan itinerary with at least one full day of planned activities for the prospective student including:
      • conversations with prospective advisors and graduate coordinator
      • conversations with current graduate students
      • department/lab/campus tours

Prospective Student Eligibility 

  • The academic department must ensure that the prospective student is: 
    • eligible and interested in pursuing a terminal degree at Missouri S&T in the department's highest degree program.
    • a US citizen, US National, or permanent resident, or an international student currently residing in the US. Funds will only be providing for reimbursing domestic travel.

Reimbursement Information

  • The academic department will collect all travel-related receipts from the prospective student and use them to create a non-PO voucher for reimbursing the student. 
  • Send these materials and the student's itinerary to Graduate Education ( for review and we will provide you with the proper MoCode and amount that our office will be reimbursing.
  • Valid travel-related expenses that will be reimbursed are: travel by plane, car, train, etc. including parking, one night of accommodations in a local hotel, food during travel.