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The Publishing Crisis of the 21st Century - Wednesday, November 3rd from 6-7pm

  • Opportunities to publish for faculty and graduate students are becoming more and more complicated and - in some cases - limited due to the declining influence of academic presses and the escalating cost of journal subscriptions. Access to scholarly journals and other academic resources is also becoming more limited for these same reasons. Where we do go from here?
  • Register here: https://libcal.mst.edu/calendar/events/publishing 

Rhetorical Strategies for Academic Writing 
- Thursday, November 11th from 5-6pm

  • Rhetoric is the art of communication –the process of creating a communication piece that can persuade, educate and/or impress an audience. This workshop will focus on ways to build your Ethos (credibility) and produce effective, polished prose in the academic context.  We will discuss how being precise, concise and confident can improve your writing.  Strategies for word choice/ diction, succinct sentence structure and active verbs will be covered.
  • Register here: https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9sn04b7iIwDbmaW

Recorded Workshops and Resources


We are finalizing our event schedule. Please check back soon!


Common Errors in Grad Writing - Tuesday, September 28th from 5-6pm

  • In this workshop, our Technical Editor will help you learn to avoid common graduate-level writing errors. 
  • This is a virtual event and we will send the Zoom link to registered individuals via email. 
  • Register here: http://mst.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_72PYwf7oVtDWsPc



T/D Formatting with LaTex - Tuesday, October 5th from 3-4pm


Research Data Management - Wednesday, October 6th from 6-7pm

  • Researchers are increasingly expected to provide open access to publicly funded research as part of verifying and replicating research results. This workshop provides a high-level overview of the research data lifecycle, focusing on areas to consider in order to effectively and responsibly manage research data. Participants will learn about the basic requirements of a data management plan and where to go for additional, customized help in data management planning. Additionally, time will be set aside in the workshop to discuss future topics for additional workshops focusing on data management.
  • Register here: https://libcal.mst.edu/event/8220156


T/D Formatting with Microsoft Word - Thursday, October 7th from 3-4pm

  • In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of formatting with Microsoft Word and how to use the templates provided here. 
  • This is a virtual event and we will send the Zoom link to registered individuals via email. 
  • Register here: http://mst.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cI9sLsUduW8iXHg


Maximizing Your Research Data Impact - Wednesday, October 13th from 6-7pm

  • With so much scholarly output being produced, being noticed is becoming increasingly difficult. The purpose of this workshop is to explore ways to maximize your impact and increase your visibility as a researcher, utilizing ORCID, scholarly profiles, open access, social media, and more.
  • Register here: https://libcal.mst.edu/event/8220175



Thesis/Dissertation Formatting - Tuesday, October 19th 

  • Formatting with Latex will be at 12pm  &  Formatting with Microsoft Word will be at 1pm
  • In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of formatting and how to use the templates provided here. 
  • These are virtual events and we will send the Zoom link to registered individuals via email. 
  • Register here: http://mst.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b8E1EZlJ0mvwQYe


Copyright for Faculty & Graduate Students - Wednesday, October 20th from 6-7pm

  • This workshop will explore your rights as an author of a copyrighted work. Additionally, as an academic you may confront questions about how to legally use or share the copyrighted work of others. This workshop will discuss how to use copyrighted material legally in your teaching and publishing endeavors.
  • Register here: https://libcal.mst.edu/calendar/events/copyright


Editing Your Own Work - Thursday, October 21th from 5-6pm

  • This workshop will help you learn about techniques to edit your own work. This information can help you elevate your writing and get higher level feedback in the editing proces, because the surface-level errors can be avoided or fixed by practicing some or all of the skills offered in this session.
  • Register here: http://mst.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5atlL7FfCNFf38y


Graduate Family Spooky Fall Festival - Friday, October 29th from 12-2pm

  • Join the Office of Graduate Students and other campus resources at the Puck for games, treats, and prizes.
  • Bring your family and friends.

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