At the Office of Graduate Studies, we are here to help current and prospective graduate students achieve their goal of earning a graduate degree. We offer one on one support, writing help, dissertation support, and live webinars/seminars that go over the entire process of becoming a graduate student at Missouri S&T.

The Office of Graduate studies also offers one on one support to students who are filing an academic complaint or grievance. These reports should be submitted to or to Leneisa Parks at



Each fall and spring semester, the Office of Graduate Studies hosts a New Graduate Student Seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to provide information, answer questions, and guide new graduate students as they begin their graduate studies at Missouri S&T. 

To attend a seminar, email us at the Office of Graduate Studies (


The Office of Graduate Studies host several events each semester. From thesis and dissertation writing bootcamps to professional development workshops, each event is catered to help our students achieve success in the graduate program at Missouri S&T.

See our full listing of upcoming events.


The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to provide free editing services to graduate students both currently enrolled and on-campus at Missouri S&T. You are invited to submit your paper to the editor (whether you're still working through the first draft of your document or putting the finishing touches on the final draft) who will work with you to help you produce the strongest communication possible.