Graduate Certificate in Information Systems & Cloud Computing

offering program:  Computer Science


Program Description:

This certificate program is tailored to the working professional who wants to expand their knowledge of advanced data management technologies. Cloud computing, object-oriented database structure, data mining, and mobile database systems form the core of the study.


Admission Requirements:

The only entrance requirement for students entering a graduate certificate program is that they satisfy the prerequisites for any course they take in the program. For a full listing of course descriptions and prerequisites, please reference the graduate course catalog




  • CS 5402: Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • CS 6304: Cloud Computing & Big Data Management
  • CS 6302: Heterogeneous and Mobile Databases

Choose one course from the following:

  • CS 5300: Data Base Systems
  • CS 6402: Advanced Topics in Data Mining 
  • CS 6601: Privacy Preserving Data Integration and Analysis


Course Descriptions: 

Course description can be found in the catalog at 


Graduate Degrees:

Graduate certificates were designed as a gateway to a master’s degree. If a student earns a B or better in each certificate course they may continue for the graduate degree (in the corresponding department), without needing to submit GRE/GMAT scores, or letters of recommendation. A student does not need to continue on for the graduate degree, however most do. Graduate certificates were designed for working professionals who have real-life work experience and may not have time to take the GRE/GMAT. Admission requirements for the graduate certificate program are also more relaxed than the graduate degree. This graduate certificate may act as a gateway to the following master’s programs:

Computer Science (MS)