Graduate Certificate in Digital Supply Chain Management

Department of Business and Information Technology

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Program Description:

Success in today's marketplace requires that organizations deliver products and services that provide easily identified value for their customers. The digital supply chain management graduate certificate program draws on strengths within two departments to integrate source (strategic procurement and supply management), production (manufacturing and service operations), and delivery processes (demand fulfillment), with a focus on the use of information technologies as the critical enabler of supply chain efficiencies and responsiveness.

This graduate certificate will give students the tools and ideas that help shape and define the various components of value creation. Students gain knowledge and skills in the full spectrum of supply chain activities: supplier relationships, purchasing management, operations and inventory management, logistics and transportation, quality management, and information technology.

This is a professional development program focused on building competency across the foundations of supply chain management. Students attain new skill sets to help them manage and enhance the value of today's complex supply chains.

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The graduate certificate program is open to all individuals holding a BS, MS or PhD degree in areas such as business, social sciences, technology, engineering, or related disciplines.  

In order to receive a graduate certificate, the student must have an average graduate cumulative grade point of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale in the certificate courses taken. Students admitted only to the certificate program will have non-degree graduate status but will earn graduate credit for the courses they complete. The courses in the certificate program are offered such that students can complete the program in a timely manner.  

If the four-course sequence approved by the graduate advisor is completed with a grade of B or better in each of the courses taken, the student will, upon application, be admitted to the master of business administration or to the master of science in information science and technology. The certificate courses taken by students admitted to the program will count toward the MBA program or the M.S. in information science and technology degree program.

Once admitted to the certificate program, a student will be given three years to complete the program as long as a B or better average is maintained in the courses taken.

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  • ERP 5110: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Design and Implementation
  • ERP 5310: Supply Chain Management Systems in an ERP Environment

Choose one course from the following two:

  • BUS 6425: Supply Chain and Project Management
  • MECH ENG 5708: Rapid Product Design and Optimization

Choose one course from the following seven:

  • ERP 5410: Use of Business Intelligence
  • ERP 6610: Advanced Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP 6120: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Configuration and Integration
  • MECH ENG 5757: Integrated Product and Process Design
  • MECH ENG 5656: Design for Manufacture
  • MECH ENG/AERO ENG 5760: Probabilistic Engineering Design
  • MECH ENG 5763: Principles and Practice of Computer Aided Design

*All of these courses are offered both on-campus and as distance courses.

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Course Descriptions:

 Course description can be found in the catalog at


Graduate Degrees

Graduate certificates were designed as a gateway to a master’s degree. If a student earns a B or better in each certificate course they may continue for the graduate degree (in the corresponding department), without needing to submit GRE/GMAT scores, or letters of recommendation. A student does not need to continue on for the graduate degree, however most do. Graduate certificates were designed for working professionals who have real life work experience and may not have time to take the GRE/GMAT. Admission requirements for the graduate certificate program are also more relaxed than the graduate degree. This graduate certificate may act as a gateway to the following master’s programs:

Business Administration (MBA) 
Information Science and Technology (MS)

(Applicants must indicate which program they wish to use the certificate as a gateway for when initially applying for the certificate).

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Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Effective July 1, 2011, the Department of Education requires that all certificate programs must disclose particular Gainful Employment information to current and prospective students. The information that is provided in the disclosure includes the estimated cost of the certificate program as well as on-time graduation and job placement rates for this particular certificate program. The disclosure information is based on data from the 2017-18 school year(defined as the period between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018)

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