Campus and Community Resources

Graduate students are able to use FREE technical editing services for their dissertations, theses, journal articles, and conference papers. Students submit documents for review online and technical editors review documents and return with edits typically within 1-2 weeks.

Technical Editors are also available for one-on-one consultations. 

Learn more about Technical Editing services here:

The Curtis Laws Wilson Library is the Missouri University of Science and Technology’s gateway to the ever-expanding world of information. The library supports the university’s academic endeavors and student learning by:

  • Providing our campus community with research resources
  • Helping students develop their research skills
  • Providing technology-enabled spaces for both private and collaborative learning

Librarians provide direct support and consultation to students and faculty through one-on-one consultations and meetings with classes and student groups on a broad range of topics including:

  • Using the library
  • Literature reviews
  • Conducting research
  • Copyright
  • Data Management
  • Open Access Publishing

The library provides access to extensive local collections of print and electronic full-text resources. This includes Scholars’ Mine, the university’s online repository of scholarly contributions created by S&T faculty and students. Through interlibrary loan, materials owned by other libraries around the country and the world supplement our local collections. Additionally, the library is a selective depository for United States government documents and is the home of the Missouri University of Science and Technology Archives, housing the historical, legal, and cultural records of the University going back to the beginning in 1870.

Please explore the library’s homepage at

The Missouri S&T University Police Department supports the campus community in fulfilling its commitment to teaching, research, and service by providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors in partnership with all members of the campus community.

Campus Security & Safety Presentation

Additional details can be found in the links below:

The Division of Student Affairs comprises the services that meet student needs outside the classroom. Our students are part of a dynamic campus community, engaging in experiential learning experiences that inspire new ideas and creative solutions to solve the world’s challenges.

We support a safe and healthy campus environment that cultivates personal and professional growth, cultural competence, career readiness and academic success. With the diverse interests of students in mind, we encourage students to immerse themselves in the many innovative programs and services we offer outside the classroom to develop their sense of individuality and build confidence as they boldly embark upon their journey toward becoming a Miner for life.

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Student Recreation Center

  • Our state-of-the-art facility houses three basketball/volleyball/badminton courts, four racquetball courts, a squash court, an aerobics room and a three lane track, all indoors. Sports equipment for use in the building is checked out with a valid Missouri S&T identification card.

Intramural Sports

  • The goal of the intramural program at Missouri S&T is to provide participants with a comprehensive array of activities, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a safe playing environment. All activities will be social, competitive, and sporting in nature while encouraging and promoting the value of fair play and a healthy lifestyle.


Career Opportunities and Employer Relations (COER) provides a variety of student services available to graduate students:

  • S&T boasts one of the region's largest career fairs each fall and spring semester. Over 300 companies attend the career fair to recruit top talent from Missouri S&T.
  • COER has a dedicated career advisor to help graduate students
    • Interview preparation (whether for industry or academia)
    • Creating resumes and CVs
    • Assistance with job offers and rejections
  • Job opportunities for full-time, co-op, internship, and on-campus posted through Handshake and GoinGlobal.

More information can be found at

Student Health

If you get sick or injured while on campus, we are here to help. We want to keep you healthy and reduce the amount of class and research time you might miss due to illness. We provide non-emergency medical treatment for most illnesses and injuries and serve as an urgent care.

Student Health, 910 W. 10th St, 573-341-4284,


Counseling Services

Mental health is important in every stage of life — don't wait to take care of it. Visit our office at 204 Norwood Hall or give us a call at (573) 341-4211 to learn how we can help you today. Our services include counseling, urgent/crisis walk-in, consultations, support groups, a StressLess room, workshops, presentations, and more.

Counseling Services, 204 Norwood Hall, 573-341-4211,


Miner Wellness

Learn well. Be well. Stay well. Through health education and promotion, we can help you strengthen your well-being by helping you reinforce healthy habits and showing you how reduce the impact of high-risk behavior. Miner Wellness is here for you!

Miner Wellness, 203 Norwood Hall, 573-341-4225, 

Being involved on campus can often lead to graduate student success. Student Involvement can connect you to the community through service projects and student organizations. We can help you get engaged on campus and develop leadership skills. Look out for future emails to check out the opportunities we provide to get involved!

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All new S&T students receive their first Miner Card ID at no charge. To receive your Miner Card, bring one of the following forms of documentation with you to 106 Centennial Hall:

  • Current driver's license or military ID
  • Official Missouri identification card
  • U.S. birth certificate
  • Passport

To ensure campus safety, it is against policy for us to issue cards unless one of these forms of identification is presented.

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Rolla Public Schools! We believe we have some of the best schools in the nation.  We are proud of the work of our students, teachers, and support personnel which are the basis of a good educational system. Our school district is guided by excellent school administrators and very caring school board members.

Our school district exists to serve the educational needs of its students. This includes preparing them for post-secondary experiences or entering the workforce as a skilled employee. It is the intent of the school district to meet the varied needs of all students.

We hope that you find answers to your questions about the school district in this publication. If you have further questions, please contact the appropriate school or office to receive an answer.

I wish you the best during the 2020-21 school year.  Please contact me if I can be of service.


Mr. Craig Hounsom

Rolla Public Schools Information

Registration, Financial Aid, and Billing

Hi, my name is Katie Tucker and I work in the Registrar’s Office at Missouri S&T. We are located in 103 Parker Hall and we are responsible for all academic records at Missouri S&T. To stay up to date with current information, use our website, and I would also  recommend you follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SandTRegistrar and browse our S&T website.

We provide services both in office and online. These include: official transcripts, enrollment verifications  certification letters commonly used for insurance purposes, academic calendar information, student academic regulations, catalog, schedule of classes, and more. We also have a VA representative and Missouri Residency expert on our staff.  We have a secure document up loader and forms online students will possibly need in their time here.

Joe’SS is our online student system. Students will use Joe’SS to access their grade information (both midterm and final), request unofficial transcripts, evaluate transfer credit, change their address, register for their classes, access their degree audit (a tool used for advising), can access TouchNet through Joe’SS to submit payment for student fees, and more.

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and is a federal law that went into effect in 1974. Students have the right to restrict information and have some control over the disclosure of their information. We can only release directory information – address, name, and that they are enrolled/or not enrolled. We cannot release grades, schedules, or transcripts without written consent of the student. Students can grant others Additional Authorized Access (AAA) through Joe’SS and can select Student Account Information, Academic Information, Financial Aid Information and Directory Information to be released to authorized users. More information on how to complete this is listed on the Registrar’s Office website under the Joe’SS tab.

I personally process the graduate forms 1-7 our graduate students submit to Graduate Studies while attending S&T.  These forms are all housed here in our office under each student’s academic record.

A friendly reminder from our friends in Admissions; please ensure you send in your final college or university transcripts as soon as possible. Official transcripts must be sent from the college or university and not the student.  If you have any questions let us know.

You can reach us via phone or email.  Thank you and welcome to Missouri S&T!

Thank you and welcome to Missouri S&T!

Katie Tucker
Enrollment Advisor
103 Parker Hall, 300 W. 13th St., Rolla, MO 65409

By now many of you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is used to determine eligibility for need-based aid as well as Federal Student Loans.

Just a tip* If you are unsure about applying to the federal government for financial aid, you can try a tool called the FAFSA4Caster, where you can answer questions for an estimated result without giving your personal private information. Remember – some scholarships do require it.

The FAFSA opens October 1 each year for the following academic school year. The Department of Education usually has a few wrinkles to iron out with their technology. If you go to a Federal Student Aid (FSA) site, and you experience issues, you may need to come back to it later.  

You should complete your FAFSA before February 1st each year to meet the priority deadline for certain types of limited financial aid.

The Department of Ed may require you to provide additional information to the Financial Aid Office, and so, sometimes students will need to follow-up with us if we request any additional information.

  • First-time students receive a paper letter but will receive financial aid offers by email in future years. It’s important for students to verify their Missouri S&T email account is activated today as that is the official platform for communication by the Student Financial Assistance Office from here forward.    
  • With your paper letter, look for the enclosed Financial Aid Guide for more information and guidance about your next steps.  
  • The Financial Aid Offer Letter will include an estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) for the upcoming 20-21 year, which includes cost estimates for tuition & fees, housing & dining, and other personal expenses. Because the Board of Curators approves tuition & fee rates each June, we will communicate any updates to cost estimates via S&T email over the summer.
  • The cost of attendance is not necessarily the exact amount you will see on your bill, but rather it is an estimate of annual costs which a student may need to consider.
  • Students are able to view financial aid offers in Joe’SS, and the first billing notices will be sent by the Cashier’s Office on or around July 15th. Once you have your first bill, you may want to follow-up if you need more resources. We will talk more about billing in a moment.

Graduate students often find funding opportunities through fellowships. A listing of some opportunities for fellowships can be found through these links:

GEM Fellowship Program

GAANN Fellowship Program

External Funding

Graduate students often have questions about funding opportunities and structure. More information about funding can be found through the below link:

GRA, GTA, GA Funding

Stipend X

  • The Cashier’s Office will not mail paper notifications. Students will be notified of billing electronically each term. When the bill is posted, students receive an S&T email directing them to the TouchNet System for billing information. If a parent or family member also wants an email notification, the student must setup an “Authorized Payer” in the Touchnet System.
  • Bills are generated around the 15th of every month starting in July, and payment is due on the 10th of the following month. 
  • You may pay the amount due in full or make a minimum payment each month for up to 4 months. There is a 1% finance charge on balances if you make monthly payments.

If you have questions:

  • We encourage you to communicate with your student about emails they receive from our office and others like Cashier. S&T Email is the official communication method of the SFAO.
  • Your student can contact The Student Financial Assistance Office and make appointments if needed. You can find us downstairs in Parker Hall or visit the Student Financial Assistance site.
  • We are on Facebook and Twitter, where we post information throughout the year! You can sure follow us if you would like to stay informed on financial aid trends.

  • If you are looking to purchase a computer, please consider looking at The S&T Store. Not only do they have educational discounted pricing, but their Dell Latitude series comes with a 4 year complete care warranty, which includes accidental damage – even if the laptop is dropped from a moving vehicle (don’t ask how we know this!). IT Help Desk Techs are certified to repair computers and loaner laptops are provided during repair if needed. The S&T Store has a Student Computer Purchase Plan program which spreads the payments out over 4 semesters, with no accruing interest rate.
  • The S&T Store also offers Apple computers and iPads with accidental warranty coverage available for purchase.
  • Mac verses Windows – whatever you are used to. Nothing is specified or required by any degree program


  • We realize that college is expensive and textbooks add to that expense so we have some tips to save money.
  • Reserve your books – We have a program called “Early Bird Textbook Reservation”.  You can sign up online at our web site We will pre-pack your books and supplies and have them ready for pick up in the store.  By taking advantage of Early Bird, students will be more likely to receive used books because we pull those first.  You will have the option to rent books or purchase digital books at check out.  There is no obligation to purchase.
  • AutoAccess Books. AutoAccess is a collaboration between the professor, the publisher and The S&T Store to provide required materials automatically when you enroll in the course at a reduced cost. 
  • Use our Textbook Shop & Compare web site When you search for textbooks at on web site you will see the price not only from us but also from other online vendors such as, and others. This will also insure you have the correct ISBN textbook number. (We cannot guarantee the accuracy of course materials from other online vendors.) You can have the textbooks shipped to you or select in store pick up.
  • At the end of each semester, we host “Book Sellback”.  During this time you can bring your textbooks by the store and we will buy it back if the department is reusing that book for the next semester. You can also return your rental books at this time.

IT and Textbook Information

  • The IT Help Desk Call Center is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and can be reached by calling (573) 341-4357.
  • IT Help Desk Front Desk is open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and is located in the Library.
  • The IT Help Desk has 17 student employees that are Dell certified.
  • Students can receive 30 minutes of free troubleshooting whenever needed.


HPC – High performance computing

Linux Workstations

  • Maintain and support the official campus Linux Ubuntu build for desktops, and available site licensed software.

General Technology Consultation

  • All of the services provide a level of technical solution consultation for campus researchers in each service field.
  • General consultation is also available for research projects which fall outside the bounds of the above groupings.

Request for more information about any of the above via email

Research data is an important asset of the University.  The RDA team offers a program to provide support for research efforts. 

The RDA team will provide computing resource support for data acquisition, data storage, data management, data wrangling, data modeling, data mining and data visualization along with the human resources to advance scholarship and research.

The RDA team can provide appropriate data security and preservation.  The RDA team will provide continuity when a researcher graduates and another researcher continues the effort.

The need for our services is not limited to the engineering disciplines.  Scholars in the sciences, humanities and social sciences also require this type of support.

With permission from your advisor, we are currently accepting requests for support.  Please contact us for a consultation.

Cindy Germeroth –
Josh Jones – 
Perry Koob –
Cameron Loren –


  • Printing and software is available in 37 CLC’s across campus.
  • For printing, students are given a 500 “shamrock” quota per semester
  • Software is available in all CLC’s through our AppsAnywhere service.
  • Library is open 24/7 with CLC’s and printers
  • Microsoft Office for students is free for up to 5 devices.  
  • Gaming consoles need to be on a wired connection.
  • Wireless connectivity can get slow during finals week and midterms.
  • No personal wireless access points or routers are allowed.
  • WiFi access is available across campus.


More information can be found on IT's website:

Shortly after you applied for admission, we sent you an email to the address you used when you applied for admission. The subject line was “Missouri University of Science and Technology Username”. This email included your S&T Username and a temporary password. You need to change this temporary password to a permanent one you can remember.

  • Joe’SS is needed prior to completing online registration.
  • Your Joe'SS login will also give you access to your Missouri S&T email account.

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