New Graduate Student Orientation


Welcome to our newest graduate students!

I am the Vice Provost of Graduate Education here at Missouri S&T and it is my honor to welcome you to our Virtual New Graduate Student Orientation! Although we would much rather deliver this experience to you in person, the circumstances do not allow for that at this time. However, we are confident that the information included on this webpage will equip you with everything needed to jump right in as a successful graduate student at Missouri S&T.

You have come to a campus of leaders and innovators, and now you too will learn to lead and innovate, becoming the next generation of influential Missouri S&T alumni. Make the most of your time here; take advantage of the resources available and enjoy your experience.


Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis
Vice Provost of Graduate Education

Virtual New Graduate Student Orientation

We have opted for a virtual new graduate student orientation to make your transition to grad school at S&T seamless. Virtual Orientation steps include:

  1. Watch each of the videos below.
  2. Review the supplemental information at the bottom of this page
    1. Take the Miner Pledge
    2. Review the Campus Resources and Services
  3. Take the Acknoledgement Survey once completed.
Information about the services available in the Office of Graduate Studies, including graduate studies advising, technical editing services, and student success programs.
Learn information about the Registrar's Office including accessing your Joe'SS account for classes and grades.

Learn about resources available for lab safety with the Environmental Health and Safety department at Missouri S&T.
Learn about resources such as the Graduate Student Support Group and the free counseling services at Missouri S&T

We value academic integrity. Learn about what this mean at S&T.
Learn about Equity and Title IX resources at Missouri S&T

It is imperative that you utilize your resources at S&T to make the mot of your graduate education.
Learn about resources to help you succeed in academic writing at Missouri S&T.

Take the Miner Pledge

As members of the Miner community, we will come together to protect the health and safety of our campus and community.

COVID-19 Information

Stay up to date on information regarding S&T and COVID-19.

Graduate Student Resources

Review the many resources dedicated to graduate student success on the next page.

International Student Orientation

International students must participate in International Student Orientation.

Acknowledgement Survey

Have you watched the videos and reviewed the items on the Campus Resources and Services page? If so, take the Acknowledgement Survey to complete your online New Graduate Student Orientation!