Graduate Ambassadors

Graduate Student Ambassadors are Missouri S&T graduate students who are here to help you adjust to becoming a Miner. Our Ambassadors can answer many different questions about the University, including: degree programs, student clubs, dining options, research opportunities, housing information, the city of Rolla, and much more. As experienced S&T graduate students, our Ambassadors are ready and excited to help you with any questions!

Devdatt Chattopadhyay

Graduate Student Ambassador

Second Year Electrical Engineering PHD Student

(573) 341-4141 |

Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi

Reserach Interests: Electronic Sensor Instrumentation and Signal Integrity

Favorite S&T Memory: Organizing and hosting Ignite Rolla, 2015 as the Vice President of CGS

Favorite S&T Tradition: St. Pat’s, Diwali

Other clubs/orginizations: International Students Club, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Awards: Graduate Research Showcase Award, Department Fellowship Recipient

Favorite Place in Rolla: Prairie lake, Meramec Springs

Future Plans: Work as a hardware research engineer

One Interesting Fact About Dev: Always up for soccer! 

Kyle Schnell

Graduate Student Ambassador

First Year Systems Engineering Master's Student

(573) 341-4141 |

Languages: English

Favorite S&T Memory: Homecoming Weekends

Favortie S&T Tradition: Green Fridays during St. Pat's

Other clubs/orginizations: American Society for Engineering Management, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

Awards: Graduated Magna Cum Laude from S&T with a B.S. in Engineering Management, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

Favorite Place in Rolla: Lane Spring Recreation Area

Favorite Restaurant: O'Doggy's

Favorite Place to Study: 3rd Floor of the Library

Future Plans: Work as a Systems Engineer in St. Louis, MO

One Interesting Fact About Kyle: I taught himself how to play the guitar and has run a marathon

Nathan Paerschke-O'Brien

Graduate Student Ambassador

First Year EXPLOSIVES ENGINEERING Master's Student

(573) 341-4141 |

Languages: English

Reserach Interests: Currently, I have been a part of a research group that shoots a campus-built 12” cannon at concrete coal mine seals to test impacts of projectiles during methane explosions. My thesis research is focused on manufacturing and testing of new possibilities of waterproof and lightweight breaching charges.

Favorite S&T Memory: Being a part of the Graduate Research Team that uses a 12” cannon shooting up to 30-pound projectiles at a concrete wall.

Favortie S&T Tradition: The haunted mine at the experimental mine is amazing. The students that put it on every year do a great job of converting the mine into a scary but fun place.

Other clubs/orginizations: International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE), American Chemical Society (ACS)

Awards: I have received two Naval Achievement Medals from my time in the Marines.

Favorite Place in Rolla: Easily Mark Twain National Forest just a short drive from Rolla. It provides a great outdoor escape and has pretty good fishing.

Future Plans: Currently, I am pursuing the possibility of returning to the military or starting a new career in federal law enforcement.

One Interesting Fact About Nathan: My first job was a ranch hand for the founder of the Discovery Channel.

Sanjana Dhananjaya

Graduate Student Ambassador

Second year Environmental Science Master's Student

(573) 341-4141 |

Languages: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi

Reserach Interests: I am non-thesis student in Applied Environmental biology. I am interested in bioremediation and conservation.

Favorite S&T Memory: Fundraiser event for GWIS at Public brewing house.

Other clubs/orginizations: Graduate Women in Science.

Awards: I have received the International Graduate student scholarship.

Favorite Place in Rolla: Schuman Park. It’s such a beautiful place to just sit on the benches and relax.

Future Plans: To work in the field of bioremediation and conservation.

One Interesting Fact About Sanjana: I love dancing and I used to be a dancer (I don’t perform anymore, ‘cause grad school). I performed on a couple of TV shows and programs. I once danced as a background dancer in a Sandalwood movie (Kannada movie industry) called ‘School master’.