Additional Funding Opportunities

There are more opportunities available for funding than many students realize. Find internships, apply for scholarships, and so much more.

Missouri S&T Opportunities

Whether you are a current post-doc or you're looking for an opportunity after graduation, below you'll find useful links and sites to help you on your journey.

Intelligence community Post-doctoral Research Fellowship Program - These programs support post-doc students to conduct research throughout the United States.

Michigan Society of Fellows - A three year Post-Doctoral fellowship for those having recently received their PhD or comparable professional degree. Diverse and International applicants strongly encouraged.

Pathways to Science: Post-Doc Positions - Browse over 150 different STEM post-doc positions.


From summer long programs to fully-funded research opportunities, select the links below to learn more about these great opportunities.

Department of Energy's Office of Science (SCGSR) Program - Graduate students currently pursuing PhD's in select fields are eligible for supplemental research awards.

Sandia National Labs Fellowships - Sandia offers various fellowship opporutnites to exceptional individuals in support of the US National Security mission. 

U.S Department of Homeland Security 2019 - Summer Internship - A 10-week summer internship program for students while working with a variety of US governmental departments.

Write an Essay

Outside of fellowships and Internships, some scholarships for smaller amounts require an essay. A short essay can get you one step closer to your graduate funding goals.

Apro Software Scholarship - $500 Scholarship based off of a 1200+ word essay surrounding the topic of software development.

Atma Environmental Scholarship - $500 Scholarship based off of 1200 - 1500 word explorative essay about evidence for/against climate change.

Big Berkey Water Filter Scholarship - $1000 Scholarship, 750 to 1500 words about the quality of drinking water. 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants - Grants up to $100,000 based on proposals of solutions to Grand Challenge Initiatives

BestLaptopNinja Scholarship - Win a lightweight computer,  1000 -2000 word essay about educational technologies.

Boster Bio Scholarship - $1000 scholarship based on a 500+ word essay about a career in healthcare or biomedical industry

Exit Technologies Scholarship - $500 Scholarship program, for US post-graduate students. Essay topics range from IT Hardware to Data Security, block chain to IT management platforms.

Finale Inventory Scholarship - $3000 Scholarship created to help prepare students for the increasing demands of the global supply chain transportation and logistics industry. "Remembering a Life" Scholarship - $2500 Scholarship based on an essay about a deceased person who has impacted your life.

Nav Entrepreneur Scholarship - $1000 Scholarship for students enrolled and have a desire to open a business.

PosiRank $500 Scholarship - Master's Students. $500 Scholarship based on topic disclosed on the website.

Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm Scholarship - $1250 Scholarship based on an essay about how to reduce drunk driving.

The Berkey Water Filter Systems Scholarship - $500 Scholarship for students who write an essay on "The Importance of Water Conservation".