Finding a Graduate Advisor

Check out the pages below to see a list of each program's faculty members and their areas of research. We encourage you to reach out to faculty who share your research interests. 

Biological Sciences (Biology) 

Business & Information Technology (Information Science & Technology, MBA)

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering) 

Chemistry (Chemistry)

Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering (Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering) 

Computer Science (Computer Science) 

Electrical & Computer Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Computer Enigneering) 

Engineering Management & Systems Engineering (Engineering Management, Systems Engineering)

English & Technical Communication (English, Technical Communication)

Geosciences & Geological and Petroleum Engineering (Geology & Geophysics, Geotechnics, Geological Engineering, Petroleum Engineering) 

Materials Science & Engineering (Ceramic Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering) 

Mathematics & Statistics (Mathematics)

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering) 

Mining Engineering (Mining Engineering & Explosives Engineering

Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Science (Nuclear Engineering) 

Physics (Physics) 

Psychological Science (Industrial-Organizational Psychology)