Graduate Student Travel Fund


Graduate student supplemental funds administered through the Office of Graduate Studies will be distributed using the following criteria and constraints:

  • Only on-campus graduate students enrolled full time at S&T may receive funding.
  • The maximum funding amount is $600 per trip.
  • The funds may be used only for travel to a conference where the student (1) has a paper accepted and (2) makes a presentation on the research which they have authored/co-authored.
  • The research must have been peer reviewed and accepted for presentation. If acceptance is pending, students can still apply, but the final award of a travel grant is contingent upon acceptance for presentation. Proof of acceptance must be provided to the Office of Graduate Studies prior to the distribution of funds.
  • The applying graduate student must be in good standing at S&T.
  • A program of study must be on file with Graduate Studies.
  • Any excess between the amount approved and the amount expended will return to the graduate travel fund account for use by other graduate students.
  • There is no entitlement to a minimum annual amount of travel funding for any graduate student; the Office of Graduate Studies will consider applications for funds up to a maximum of $600 total per eligible student per year.
  • This supplemental funding may not be used to cover expenses that are already being reimbursed by some other agency or funding sources.
  • Allocations will be made until the Graduate Travel Fund is expended fully.
  • All university/state restrictions on travel apply.

Student Procedures

Graduate students must complete the "Graduate Student Travel Fund" form in order to be considered for supplemental funding. All funding requests must be submitted one month in advance of conference travel. Competed applications include the following:

  • Completed Graduate Student Travel Fund (including Department Chair and Dean approval signatures)
  • Copy of Program of Study
  • Conference Announcement
  • Paper Acceptance Letter

The completed form must be signed and approved by both the Department Chair and the Dean before being submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for review and consideration.  No travel request will be supported without prior permission; under no circumstances will trips be supported retroactively. All requests for travel funds must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by emailing