Graduate Student Travel Fund


The Graduate Student Travel Fund (GSTF) was created in 2018 to provide partial financial support for our graduate Miners to present at prestigious conferences.


  • The maximum funding amount offered through the Graduate Student Travel Fund is $500.
  • The funds may only be used for travel to a conference where the student:
  1. Has a paper accepted.
  2. Makes a presentation (poster or oral) which they have authored/co-authored. Funds can only be supplied for 1 co-author if multiple apply.
  • The GSTF is a reimbursement program. Please see section entitled “REIMBURSEMENT” for additional information.
  • A student may only receive this award once every 2 Academic calendar years.
  • All University/State Restrictions on travel apply.


  • Must be an on-campus, full-time graduate student pursuing a MS or PhD.
  • Must be in good-standing, according to the Graduate Catalog Guidelines.
  • An Approved Program of Study (Form 1(a)/5(a)) must be on file with the Graduate Studies Office.
  • The research must have been peer reviewed and accepted for presentation. Proof of acceptance must be provided along with the application. Please see “APPLICATION” section for additional information.
    • Students on GRA Appointment: The PI of the student MUST make a financial commitment more than or equal to the maximum amount that can be awarded ($500).
    • Students with Scholarships that Include funding: Students on a scholarship that includes funds designated for travel, such as NSF GRF, are NOT eligible for the travel fund at this time.


To access the Graduate Student Travel Fund Form

Incomplete applications will be automatically deemed unsuccessful. To prepare for the application, please consider the following:

  • Advisor and Dept. Chair Approval:
    • An automatic email requesting Approval will be sent to your Academic Advisor and Department Chair. This information will be verified in Joe'SS. Both parties must approve in order for your application to be processed.
  • Approved Copy of Program of Study:
    • A copy of the Approved Form 5 (Doctoral) or the Approved Form 1 (Master's), with all signatures included, is needed.  This can be retrieved from the academic departmental staff. 
  • Paper/Abstract Acceptance Letter:
    • This document must include the student name and conference title included. This is usually in the form of an email.
  • 30 Day Requirement:
    • The application must be submitted prior to 30 consecutive days before the conference in question.

All applicants will be contacted once a decision is made. If you have not been contacted after 1 business week of submitting your application, please contact Erica Reven at


The Graduate Student Travel Fund is a reimbursement program. Please follow the appropriate procedure or contact Erica Reven at if you require additional assistance.


The Office of Graduate Studies reviews applications on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no entitlement to a minimum annual amount of travel funding for any graduate student. Funding may not cover expenses that are already being reimbursed by other agencies or funding sources. Approved funds not spent, or partially spent, will have the excess amount returned to the GSTF account.

No travel request will be supported without prior permission; under no circumstances will trips be supported retroactively. All requests for travel fund forms must be submitted via the online form. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties or have any questions, please email