Thesis and Dissertation Writing Camp

Thesis & Dissertation Writing Camp is a free program that helps graduate students prepare for and become productive towards their thesis or dissertation. The program offers several workshops over a range of topics relevant to the writing process and quiet writing time for students to actively work on their project. The goal of this program is to help students overcome procrastination, address their individual writing obstacles, develop a peer writing community, and to gain a full understanding of S&T’s thesis/dissertation process and expectations.


Who can attend Writing Camp?

All Missouri S&T graduate students are eligible to attend. Writing Camp is designed to be versatile enough to benefit students no matter where they are in the writing process, though it will be most beneficial for those who are currently drafting their thesis/dissertation. The program is broken into three different sessions (Formatting Day, Prep Day, and Writing Day), and students can choose to attend whichever sessions best fit their needs.

Seats are limited, so students should only register if they will be able to attend the session they sign up for.


Formatting Day

Ideal for students in the writing or formatting stage. This session will explain the submission process, review S&T's formatting specifications, and give tutorials over using the Word and LaTeX templates.

Prep Day

Ideal for students early in their program. This day provides an introduction to theses/dissertationsn and features workshops such as Literature Review How-To's, Citing with Mendeley, and Tips for the Defense.

Writing Day

Ideal for those who are actively writing their thesis or dissertation. The writing sessions during this day will help improve writing productivity through goal setting, peer motivation,  and 2-hour blocks of quiet writing time.


The program is hosted approximately 4 - 5 times a year:

  • January 
  • March
  • May
  • August
  • September

You may register for as many of the sessions as you like. If you are early in your program, you might want to only attend the Prep Day; if you are in the writing stage, you might want to attend all three sessions. You can also attend the camp multiple times.

The camp is usually scheduled in a computer classroom, but bringing your own laptop can be beneficial if that is where your files are stored. Other items that might be beneficial to bring:

  • Chargers and extension cords
  • Headphones
  • A few printed pages of your thesis/dissertation for peer review
  • An example of a thesis/dissertation from your discipline

You will also be asked to complete a pre-assessment worksheet before the start of the program.

Because of the hands-on nature of the program, it is currently only available to students who can be physically present. Please refer to the list of resources in the sidebar of this page for digital copies of materials discussed during Writing Camp.