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Program Description:

The systems engineering graduate certificate program provides structured training in the fundamentals of systems engineering to equip engineers with the skills that can be used in the design, operation, and maintenance of systems throughout their life cycle. The techniques covered and concepts introduced are applicable to any industry. The broad application of these techniques is necessary as the engineering systems of the future become more complex, making them difficult to design and operate without an understanding of the whole and effective integration of all components, from design to disposal. Although industrial experience is a key factor in systems engineering, it needs to be supported by formal education.


This program is designed to appeal to working professionals. Certificate courses taken for graduate credit can be counted in the M.S. degree once accepted into the M.S. degree. If the four-course sequence is completed with a grade of "B" or better in each of the courses taken, they can apply to the M.S. program in engineering management. The certificate program may be followed by six additional 3 credit courses to complete the M.S. degree. The certificate program is open to all persons holding a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree in engineering or a physical science and who have a minimum of 12-months of professional employment experience or are currently accepted into a graduate degree program at Missouri S&T.

Admission Standards

  • B.S. in engineering or a physical science
  • Undergraduate courses:  Calculus Series (I, II, III), Differential Equations, Statistics, Physics or Chemistry, Engineering Economy
  • GPA: Regular status:  2.75 cumulative
  • TOEFL:  All international applicants must submit a current TOEFL score, regardless of prior academic experience or place of study
  • Regular status: 580/237/92

Once admitted to the program, the student must take the four designated courses as given below. In order to receive a graduate certificate, the student must have an average cumulative grade point of 3.0 or better in the certificate courses.

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SYS ENG 5101: System Engineering and Analysis I
SYS ENG 6103: Economic Analysis for Systems Engineering
SYS ENG 6102: Systems Engineering Analysis II
SYS ENG 6104: Systems Architecting

Course Descriptions:

 Course description can be found in the catalog at

Graduate Degree:

Graduate certificates were designed as a gateway to a master’s degree. If a student earns a B or better in each certificate course they may continue for the graduate degree (in the corresponding department), without needing to submit GRE/GMAT scores, or letters of recommendation. A student does not need to continue on for the graduate degree, however most do. Graduate certificates were designed for working professionals who have real life work experience and may not have time to take the GRE/GMAT. Admission requirements for the graduate certificate program are also more relaxed than the graduate degree. This graduate certificate may act as a gateway to the following master’s programs:

Systems Engineering (MS)

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Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Effective July 1, 2011, the Department of Education requires that all certificate programs must disclose particular Gainful Employment information to current and prospective students. The information that is provided in the disclosure includes the estimated cost of the certificate program as well as on-time graduation and job placement rates for this particular certificate program.

 Course description can be found in the catalog at